M2M/IoT Roaming Opportunity Scan

M2M Roaming is coming to the surface because of COVID-crisis. During Spring 2020 all travel came to an almost complete stop. However, networks could still see considerable amounts of IMSI’s on their network. When taking a closer look into the data, it became visible that these were M2M devices that were connected to the network, often on a permanent basis.

Many of those M2M devices connect to the network but generate hardly any chargeable events. Often only very small data sessions or SMS MT. in some cases they only generate signaling traffic.

This means that they consume network capacity without generating any revenues (even when still at standard IOT). This can be OK when it’s a small numbers of devices, but becomes an issue when the numbers grow. Based on the latest market forecasts there is an explosion of M2M/IoT devices expected.

Some Roaming Partners do substantial normal roaming business on your network and you might be OK to have a limited amount of M2M devices from them on the network. However, some other Roaming Partners have specialized in M2M wholesale business and hardly do any normal roaming business on your network. With those partners you might seek a separate IOT agreement for M2M Roaming.

When well-managed, you can turn the M2M Roaming business from a currently  lossmaking business into a business that generates considerable revenues and has a high growth potential. With a thought through M2M strategy and negotiations approach you can tap into a very interesting new revenue stream for roaming.

In order to be prepared, we can provide you with a M2M/IoT Roaming Opportunity Scan. This scan consists of the following activities:

1. Analysis of the M2M/IoT devices currently on the network, the partners from which the traffic originates, the revenues they generate and how those revenues relate to your normal roaming business. Dataset to be provided by the customer; often the DCH can be of help with this.
2. Estimate of the M2M Roaming Revenue potential
3. Proposal M2M Roaming Strategy
4. Proposal M2M Roaming Negotiations approach
a. Charging models
b. Which partners to approach for negotiations
c. Options for billing & settlement
d. Wording in the IOT agreements
5. Next steps to monetize the M2M Roaming opportunity

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