This business area is about Interconnection between telecommunication networks in order to provide interoperability at national and international level.

Within the business of Interconnect (Voice) and Interworking (SMS) the following areas are most relevant:

  • Setting and negotiating termination rates;
  • Implementation; including transmission and billing;
  • Negotiations with the local incumbent operator;
  • Regulation. This covers elements like:
    • Cost based tariffs;
    • Non discrimination;
    • Reference Interconnect offers.

Connect2Roam offers the following services in the area of Interconnect and Interworking:

  • Development of a Interconnection strategy that is fully tailored to your local market situation and organization. This covers elements like direct vs indirect Interconnect, pricing strategy and negotiation strategy;
  • Advice on the organization structure for the Interconnect team;
  • Regulatory analysis for local Interconnection;
  • Set up a business case for Interconnection. Amongst other things, this will give guidance on the opportunities for a direct Interconnect between networks;
  • Cost modeling for Interconnection;
  • Advise you on the set up of the interconnect negotiations;
  • Develop a reporting structure for you to effectively manage your interconnect business and prepare your interconnect negotiations;
  • Perform your interconnect negotiations;
  • Advise you on the usage of Hubbing solutions for SMS;
  • Advice on opportunities to lower the cost of outgoing international traffic;
  • Set up traffic quality monitoring and advice you on concrete measures to improve the quality;
  • Advice on anti fraud measures concerning for instance special rate numbers and SIM boxes;
  • Setting up revenue assurance.