our work grid

Below are some examples of projects executed by Connect2Roam:


In-depth Roaming Business Scan for mobile operators in the Caribbean, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin America. The recommendations from this Roaming Business Scan resulted in substantial improvements of EBITDA. See also Roaming Business Scan

Analyse potential syneregies on roaming for a Group with > 10 Operating Companies. Develop a model for the Group co-operation on roaming.

Conduct roaming IOT negotiations for several mobile operators.

Develop new retail and wholesale priceplan’s for roaming voice and data services for several mobile operators.

Develop a Group Roaming negotiation approach and a Group roaming organization for one of the largest mobile Groups with operations on different continents. Connect2Roam has analyzed the complete roaming business of all the Operating Companies and provided them with concrete recommendations that will improve roaming revenue and EBITDA.

Provide a market study on data roaming for the European Commission. This covered elements as : regulation, retail market, wholesale market, technical set up and costing analysis. The complete and published report can be found http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/roaming/docs/study_data_roaming.pdf

Develop new and innovative business models for a vendor in the mobile roaming industry.

Mission on strategic positioning and development of the a roaming traffic steering portfolio for 1 of the largest vendors in the mobile industry.

Develop and conduct the training “International Roaming from A to Z”.

Provide a roaming workshop for a group of mobile operators, identifying all opportunities to improve the EBITDA contribution of the roaming business. This was combined with working out a plan with specific actions.

Develop and implement a wholesale roaming (pricing & negotiations) strategy for an incumbent mobile operator in the Caribbean. Develop a new and competitive retail price plan for roaming. Conduct IOT negotiations and advice on traffic steering optimization. Execute a cost savings program.

Chairing different congresses on Roaming.

Service Provision & MVNO’s

Work out a competitive and profitable retail priceplan on national and international mobile data for a Service Provider in the Dutch market. Determine negotiation targets for wholesale mobile data prices.

Develop a business case for a start-up Service Provider who launched an innovative mobile service in the Dutch market. Provide guidance for the wholesale negotiations and advice on the retail pricing scenario’s.

Revenue assurance set up for a Service Provider in the Dutch market. Connect2Roam has developed a process that ensures that the payment towards the hosting MVNE is conform to commercial agreement and that the conversion from the wholesale charges towards the retail invoice is correct and complete.

Development of a new retail proposition and a business case for a Service Provider in the “international business” segment. Provide guidance concerning the wholesale negotiations with the MVNE.

Revenue assurance set up for start up MVNO; including the set up of all wholesale billing and prepaid platform reconciliation.

All regulatory affairs for start up MVNO; including all registrations and number portability. All wholesale negotiations on Interconnection (including the incumbent operator) and SMS Interworking; including wholesale pricing and wholesale billing.

Advice on international price portfolio for a mobile service provider in the “multinational” segment.


Provide a scan on international wholesale opportunities for an incumbent fixed operator.

Assignment for a local regulator reviewing the Regulatory Accounts of an incumbent operator and the wholesale access provisions.

Interconnect and SMS Interworking negotiations for a start-up MVNO in the Dutch market.