Company overview

Following a successful managerial career within Finance & Wholesale at the KPN Mobile Group, Erik Vrolijk founded Connect2Roam early 2007.

Over the past years, Connect2Roam has successfully advised established and start-up mobile MVNO’s, Mobile operators,¬†Service providers, the European Commission, national regulators and vendors in the mobile industry. These companies have chosen Connect2Roam for our outstanding experience and contacts in the industry.


Covering the 4 most important phases of the commercial process

Our activities vary from market analysis, business case development, retail & wholesale pricing to for instance portfolio development, negotiations and revenue assurance.

Based on our experience over the past years, we see that Connect2Roam’s involvement almost always results in an increase in revenue and/or margins. Not only, we provide you with concrete advice, but we can also take care of the execution and make sure that the benefits are actually realised.


Connect2Roam covers med advice premier salt scrub all four phases of the commercial process.

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