Cost Savings Program

The profitability of your roaming business is constantly under pressure because of lower IOT rates agreed. This means that your “roaming enabler” cost will have to keep track with this development in order to prevent a margin squeeze.

The relevant roaming enabler services are:

1. Data clearing and financial clearing
2. Voice termination costs using different carriers
3. SS7 and LTE signaling
4. GRX and IPX
6. Traffic steering tools
7. Testing tools & QoS monitoring
8. Virtual home environment services
9. Roaming & SMS Hubs
10. FTE count

Market price levels for the above mentioned services tend to decrease fast.

Because of Connect2Roam’s experience in working with many operators we can support you in lowering your roaming enabler costs and making your roaming organization more cost effective. In such a Cost Savings Program we:

1. Determine the relevant cost components
2. Review your roaming organization and processes
3. Review your current third party contracts
4. Benchmark your cost levels against market levels
5. Provide recommendations to lower your third party costs.
6. Provide recommendations to optimize the organization and processes related to roaming

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