Roaming Reporting tool

The roaming business is developing in a fast way. Your inbound traffic might be diverted to your competitor in a matter of seconds, usage patterns might change which influence your P&L, wholesale costs can go up leaving you with negative margins on your Outbound traffic or your traffic steering tool might not be working properly.

It’s key to early detect these developments and take a pro-active approach.

Roaming managers are often faced with the challenge to get the relevant insights from all the TAP data your receive from your data clearing house. You need an easy to use tool that makes all these developments in your roaming business visible in a comprehensive way. It’s not only about creating insights in volumes and TAP charges but also get insights in the discounts provided and received.

Based on 2 decades of experience in the roaming business, Connect2Roam has developed the Roaming Reporting Tool.

This is an easy to use Excel model that takes in all the historic monthly TAP data per operator and per service on both Inbound & Outbound, adds the relevant discounted rates/agreed volumes, adds the retail revenue information and reports on a monthly basis:

1. P&L on Inbound & Outbound
2. Main KPI’s on Inbound & Outbound;
3. Analysis of development of your volumes on Voice, SMS and data; at total level but also specifically for your key partners.
4. Revenue & rate analysis
5. Overview of your net position per operator and the development of these positions. This also shows the opportunities for signing new preferred agreements.
6. Margin analysis on Outbound traffic; per operator and per service. This part of the model makes visible where you are losing money on roaming traffic.
7. Traffic steering performance for your most important countries.

The results of this Excel model can be uploaded in a slide set for presentation to higher management. Together with relevant tables & graphs.

This model can also be used to calculate the business case for preferred roaming agreements and follow the performance of these agreements over the agreement period.

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