GSM Roaming Training

Connect2Roam offers an extensive “in-house” roaming training focused on the commercial side of Roaming. During a 3 day workshop  we cover 3 key elements in Roaming:

  1. Wholesale
    1. Roaming Business Case
    2. Value Drivers, Ways to improve EBITDA, Business Dashboard
    3.  Steering of Roaming (SoR)
    4. Wholesale Pricing, M2M Wholesale Pricing, VoLTE Wholesale Pricing
    5. Revenue Assurance
  2. IOT negotiations
    1. Target setting & Strategy
    2. IOT Discount model
    3. Case  “Basic Negotiations”
    4. Business case for an IOT negotiation
    5. Data analysis & tools
    6. Case “Complex IOT negotiations”
    7. Tactics during the negotiations
  3. Retail
    1. Retail Pricing, Mark-up / zones / bundle / RLH
      Latest pricing strategies, examples
    2. Roaming Regulation
    3. Marketing in Roaming
    4. Retail Roaming Commercial Strategy
    5. Retail Roaming Workshop focused on your own Retail offer

From the 2nd to 4th of October 2023 we will again organize the above IOT Negotiations Workshop as an online training. This workshop is open for registrations from different companies.

Please download our brochure of the IOT Negotiations Training here.