IOT Negotiations Support

Nowadays it is not likely to receive any substantial Inbound volumes without having an attractive rate agreed. It won’t be long until all your Inbound volumes will be at a negotiated rate.

Having an attractive IOT rate negotiated is not only key for your Inbound volumes but is also crucial to bring a competitive retail roaming offer to your market that enables you to grow Outbound volumes and provide competitive roaming bundles to your customers.

Your performance on the IOT negotiations is probably the single most important element that determines the financial result of your roaming business.

Connect2Roam can support you with your IOT negotiations in the following fields:
1. Determine the partners who are important to have an IOT agreement with
2. Analyze your position on Inbound & Outbound traffic.
3. Propose strategy and tactics
4. Prepare a business case
5. Prepare an initial offer
6. Negotiate the agreements (either on the foreground or in the background)
7. Review contracts
8. Propose traffic steering changes
9. Monitor negotiations results
10. Propose accrual levels when IOT Discounts are not implemented in TAP

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